Saturday, August 22, 2015

Suburb #76 Barton

On a beautiful Canberra sunny winter day a while back I decided to explore Barton - one of the central suburbs of Canberra, next to Capital Hill.

Barton is named after Edward Barton, Australia's first Prime Minister and one of the founding justices of the High Court of Australia. Growing up in Glebe, he went to Fort Street High School and then on to the University of Sydney. He received the University Medal but unlike me went on to do something useful first as a barrister, politician and then a judge. Apparently he was, however, known by the nickname 'Toby Tosspot' as he was fond of long dinners and good wine. I also like that a cricket match he umpired apparently involved international cricket's first riot. Unfortunately, the Barton government was the one which put the White Australia Policy into law, but they did introduce women's suffrage.

The streets in Barton are named after Governors.

I decided to start my adventure in Barton with a quiet lunch at Maple and Clove cafe in the new Realm hotel/Burbury hotel precinct. I really like this place - fresh, healthy food  that doesn't make you feel like you just undid your last gym session and great service. Its a lovely place to sit on your own and enjoy some sunshine with a good book or catch up with friends.

I also think they have done a great job with the local area - some awesome restaurants are nearby including Malamay (I need to try Lilo Tang soon too!), and the Realm hotel has a lovely beer garden. I also think the buildings etc are remarkably tasteful and calming for something so modern - with the concrete balanced by green space and gorgeous flowers.

I was left to wonder what the hell was Boris though....

Parliament House also never feels far away...

But as it was such a lovely day I decided to walk down to Telopea park - which I just love (but had mistakenly thought was actually in Kingston previously!), past the lovely 1920s houses near the Brassey Hotel, with their very British hedges and gorgeous old trees.

I then wandered down to the lakeside for some sun, a walk through Bowen Park and a lovely view of Kingston foreshore and Burley Griffin - despite some unfortunate maintenance work down there at the moment, with the lakeside blocked off by fencing.

I unexpectedly came across a new 'gate' down by the lake which I understand was a present from the Hungarian government for Canberra's centenary. It has a lovely inscription which reads 'We were born in the world to be at home somewhere'. For me - this somewhere is definitely Canberra :)

For this guy too I think...

But there was still lots more of Barton to see - first with a walk through the less residential side of Barton where the Hotel Kurrajong is as well as lot of public service buildings.

And finally as sunset began to approach, a wander around Grevillea Park on the northside of the lake near the famous Boathouse restaurant - a place from where the beauty of Canberra really shines.

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